Shipping Container Hire

Shipping container hire is a much more affordable option to purchasing a container if you know you won’t need it long-term. We deliver the container to the site where you need it and collect it when you’ve finished with it.
With a range of sizes available, we can solve temporary storage and space issues quickly and easily, meaning there’s no need for you to look at erecting permanent structures or spending too much.
If you need a container for longer than two years, then it’s worth looking at purchasing it rather than hiring.

Why hire a shipping container?

Temporary storage

Containers make excellent temporary storage as that’s the main purpose of their design.  Every container is fitted with a custom factory fitted lockbox, so you have total peace of mind that your belongings are safe and secure.
Shipping containers are weathertight and vermin proof, making them a better temporary storage solution than self-storage facilities.  If you require regular, easy access to your belongings you’ll have them right at your fingertips.
People loading a hired shipping container

Short-term utility spaces

Shipping containers also make excellent short-term utility spaces if you need to set up a temporary lunch room, office or workshop. Tradespeople often hire shipping containers for this purpose, as it also gives them a safe, dry place to store tools and materials.

Moving house

Shipping containers are becoming a popular option for people moving house as they’re easier to load than lifting heavy items onto the back of a truck. Once loaded, we do all the heavy lifting putting the container onto the truck. Then we transport it to your new home where you can unpack at your leisure before we collect the container and take it away.
No matter the reason, call our friendly team if you need to hire a shipping container.



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