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At A1 Containers, we understand that different needs call for different solutions, especially when it comes to purchasing a shipping container. This understanding forms the basis of our diverse offering, including our 40 ft high cube shipping container. This particular model, also referred to as a 40 HC container, caters to those who need enhanced storage or transport capacity.

One of the standout features of the 40 high cube container for sale is its additional height. It boasts an extra foot in height compared to standard shipping containers, allowing for increased vertical storage. This feature is particularly beneficial when you need to store taller items or stack goods to maximise your storage space without expanding the container’s footprint.

Our 40 ft high cube shipping container is a general-purpose unit, meaning it’s suitable for a wide array of applications. Whether you’re seeking a solution for large-scale storage, overseas shipping, or even an innovative conversion into a unique living or workspace, this container offers the flexibility to meet evolving requirements.

We also prioritise durability in our offerings. Our 40 HC container, for instance, is constructed from high-grade materials designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions, ensuring the safety and security of your goods. What’s more, our containers are vermin proof, offering an extra layer of protection against pests that could damage your stored items.

At A1 Containers, we’re well aware that time is of the essence when purchasing a container. That’s why we strive to provide a swift service, ensuring that our 40 high cube container for sale is available within your required time frame. We take pride not only in the quality of our containers but also in the efficiency and reliability of our service.

In your search for a 40 ft high cube shipping container, choosing a provider you can trust is essential. At A1 Containers, we offer high cube shipping containers that successfully marry quality, space, and practicality. Be it a large-scale storage solution or a transport option for bulk goods, our 40 HC container is a reliable and durable solution. Trust A1 Containers for your high cube container needs, where quality meets practicality.

Discover the 40ft High Cube New Build Shipping Containers

The 40ft High Cube New Build Shipping Containers are built for strength and storage from Quality corten steel to ensure your belongings are safe, dry and secure. Great to store anything from your own personal prize possessions or business equipment through to converting into an additional living space. An additional 300mm in height is an added bonus, giving you larger capacity.

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40ft shipping container dimensions

40ft High Cube New Build Shipping Container, will easily accommodate a 4 plus bedroom home or additional warehouse or business storage requirements. Please call the team at A1 Containers to discuss transport and delivery options.

Availability is limited so call 0800 400 400 for more information.



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