For Sale 20 Foot High Cube New Build

For Sale - 20ft High Cube New Build

Unleash the Potential of 20ft High Cube Shipping Containers

In the realm of shipping containers, a 20 ft high cube shipping container, often referred to as a 20 HC container, stands out for its versatility and adaptability. This model, provided by A1 Containers, offers an extra foot (300mm) in height compared to standard containers, providing additional space for your storage or shipping needs. Built to industry specifications, these containers are perfect for transporting goods globally or storing large items.

A1 Containers also offers a 20 high cube open side container. The side doors allow for easy loading and unloading of goods, and when fully opened, they provide a large access point for bulkier items. This feature also comes in handy when the container is being used on-site, allowing for an open-door workspace or display area.

Adding to the practicality of the high cube open side container is the presence of additional air vents. These vents help to prevent condensation inside the container, protecting your goods from potential moisture damage. This makes the 20ft high cube an ideal solution for storing items sensitive to humidity or temperature changes.

20ft shipping container dimensions

Just like our standard 20ft and 40ft containers, our 20 HC container is built with Corten steel. Known for its corrosion-resistant properties, Corten steel ensures that your container can withstand harsh weather conditions while keeping your goods safe and secure. This robust material, combined with coated floors for added durability, means our containers are built to last.

For added security, our 20ft high cube shipping containers come fitted with lock boxes. This feature provides an extra layer of protection for your goods, ensuring they’re safe from theft or vandalism. Even with the full side access, you can have peace of mind knowing your belongings are secure.

Whether you’re looking to transport goods across the country or require a spacious on-site storage solution, the 20 HC container from A1 Containers is a reliable choice. Its high cube open side design provides easy access for loading and unloading, while its extra foot in height offers additional storage space. Coupled with the sturdy Corten steel construction and security features, our 20ft high cube container provides a versatile and robust solution to your storage and shipping needs. Trust A1 Containers for your high cube container needs – where quality meets reliability.

Versatility Redefined

Our 20ft High Cube Shipping Containers are 300mm taller than your average Standard height container perfect for storing oversized goods. Great to convert into a garage, she shed or man cave.

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20ft shipping container dimensions

A popular storage option for your household contents. As a general rule, you can fit approximately a three bedroom home in a 20ft shipping container.

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