Quality Shipping Containers

Are you looking for a shipping Container?  Well, look no further at A1 Containers. We pride ourselves in offering our customers with quality storage solutions in the way of a shipping container. We stock a large range of shipping containers for sale, with a variety of colours and specifications, specifically designed to cater to your storage requirements. Whether you’re aiming to transport goods, store materials or household items, or even repurpose a container into a unique living space, we’ve got you covered.

Our commitment to customer service and providing quality storage solutions in the way of shipping containers for sale NZ ensures that we can meet your needs, no matter your location. As a locally owned and operating provider of shipping containers NZ, A1 Containers is the go-to choice for all your container needs. For top-quality containers and unbeatable service, look no further than A1 Containers, the container company NZ customers rely on.

Our shipping container range

We have new and used shipping containers for sale and short to long-term hire.

8ft Containers

Fantastic garden shed ideal for small areas of your home.  9.95 cubic metre capacity.  Great, option for those smaller storage requirements.   

10ft Containers

10ft containers are ideal when you have limited space on site for storage. Many people are now using them in new and innovative ways…

20ft Containers

20ft containers are the most popular container used for shipping and transporting goods. With ample storage, you can fit lots inside…

40ft Containers

Nothing beats 40ft containers for storage space. If you have a serious need for safe, secure storage, a 40ft container is the solution…

Container dimensions

View our guide for a complete listing of all shipping container dimensions including imperial and metric sizes, specifications, heights and the configuration of doors.

New Zealand’s shipping container company

A1 Containers are a New Zealand owned and operated family business with depots right across the country, supplying new and used shipping containers for sale and hire.

We’ve been supplying Kiwis with quality containers since 2003, and pride ourselves in offering great service and support for all the containers we sell and hire. Not all containers are made equal, so when you buy or hire from us, you get the assurance you’re getting a quality container that will perform to your expectations for many, many years.

Whether you need shipping containers for storage, transportation of goods, or for home or business storage, our friendly team is here to help.

Call us on 0800 400 400 for more information or to arrange a purchase or hire.


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Transportation of containers

We’re specialists in moving shipping containers from one site to another, including placing them on site right where you need it. We’ll move any container, it doesn’t need to be one of ours.

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With depots right across the country, we can supply you with sales, hire and prompt delivery of a shipping container when you need it… find your nearest depot.