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We have new and used shipping containers for sale in a variety of colours. They come in 10ft, 20ft and 40ft sizes with different configurations in height, door placement and additional features. No matter what you need to store, there’s a shipping container designed for every purpose.

All the shipping containers we sell are high quality units, made to perform well for the duration of their lifespan. Key features include factory fitted locks for security, easy open doors for frequent access and a robust steel exterior.

When you buy one of our containers, you’ll have peace of mind that your belongings are stored in a secure, weathertight, and earthquake and vermin proof environment.

Call us on 0800 400 400 for more information about what container is best for you.

Forklift stacking containers for hire

Shipping container features:

Shipping container hire for short-term storage

Container dimensions

Containers come in a variety of sizes with variations in each model, including door placement. Take a look at the product pages for the exact dimensions for each model.

Purchasing a shipping container

Simply contact our friendly team to arrange the purchase of a shipping container. With depots across New Zealand, we’ll organise delivery to your site and place your container exactly where you need it.
Availability is limited so call the team today on 0800 400 400 for more information.
8ft Containers

Fantastic garden shed ideal for small areas of your home.  9.95 cubic metre capacity.  Great, option for those smaller storage requirements.   

10ft Containers

10ft containers are ideal when you have limited space on site for storage. Many people are now using them in new and innovative way.

20ft Containers

20ft containers are the most popular container used for shipping and transporting goods. With ample storage, you can fit lots inside.

40ft Containers

Nothing beats 40ft containers for storage space. If you have a serious need for safe, secure storage, a 40ft container is the solution.



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